A Song for The Mountain Goats to Sing

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You never shop for motorcycles in Broward County, Florida
You learn that hard in the easiest of ways
Times like these
Times that tell you to stay inside all day
Play your Xbox and sip Gatorade
What’s time when you’ve only got 20 years to say
What’s really on your mind
How do you tell?
How do you ask the way?

Dear, dear, dear, dear
Your name was really Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy
Such a glorious name to sing or spell out loud
And now you’ve passed tragically away
From a gunshot wound just outside of Deerfield
On a narrow strip of land edged by a few flimsy palms
Along a lonely turnout of the North Dixie Highway

And now who’s going to feel
the glow of your uncontainable, undeniable, and unique spirit
And who’s going to look at you now
As your raspy voice cusses and chokes all gutted about suicide and being sad
As you plunk at piano keys and roam loss misunderstood
Let out from house arrest to shop for motorcycles
As your killers they say
fled into a dark-colored SUV today

And now who’s almost blind from the damage of your fists
The strain of being held captive for robbing and resisting arrest
Finally too much to take
As you parked your car at RIVA motorsports
At 3671 North Dixie Highway
And went shopping for motorcycles that fateful day
In Deerfield Beach
Left with wounds that’ll never let you say what you ought to say

If you believe in second chances and champagne flutes filled with jelly beans
Dreams in the backseat and rockets to Jupiter and bikini-clad Palm Beach girls
If you tell the most bluntly raw and rambunctious thing to ever spring out of South Florida
To rely on the cops to protect him from things he’d rather not have to care about
If you don’t care about chains that drag and hold
Then you’re going to be stuck with what you get
And what you get’s going to be more corny than bold
But not what you got in the former Mr. Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy

Hey hey hey
You never shop for motorcycles in Broward County, Florida
You learn that hard in the easiest of ways
And you find that out whether you’re XXXTentacion
Or just a guy named Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy
Who left us for good with a meteoric fall
Just twenty years old and not any kind of a transcendentalist at all
As some tattered fronds above fluttered and swayed on an otherwise uneventful June day
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

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