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what will happen when I am too old and weak to open the jar of spaghetti sauce?

there are fashions in the rubber bands
she says as
the monumental tone of hysteria ebbs
the wide thick ones for broccoli
and you’ve got orange stringy ones too
twist ties but no
so twist the lid off with this newfound leverage

differences make things what they are
your lent strength is the rubber band’s illusion
a device for deception
how certain faces
are for those who suffer
everyday struggles
being in need
impersonating yourself
some ventriloquist on vacation
lips derailed
brow rippled
nose smashed
cheeks engorged as the mouth slims
artichoke hearts for eyes

there’s no cure for what I’ve got
false-positive and empty without regard or shape
but some mornings elope with promise still
like finding a twenty in a jacket pocket
something you forgot you were saving for later
which determines now to be later
as a nod of courage pays the delivery fee
and the chains are off
betting against the current climate
at all costs
shares lifted from laughter’s currency
inebriated hydrangeas snipped from weary stems
agricultural acts of starvation dipped once and only in pleasure’s well

a brown recluse’s nature is not aggressive
it flees threats and will even play dead to avoid a fight
though it carries a fatal venom
that’ll ruin a limb
as the damaged tissue becomes gangrenous
and eventually sloughs away
they say that one can go up to six months without eating
in a home of the disorderly thread of an irregular web
violin neck pointing to their rear
they stop while traveling sometimes to renew strength in their legs

my legs spasm and quake
most mornings and
are too weak to properly get me out of bed
but on those rare impossible days
when they are strong enough to promise support
I cherish the luck of being able to
rise and perhaps make some coffee
cleave a bagel in two for the toaster
and maybe open a new jar of spaghetti sauce
just because
for now
I still can

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