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The calculations of catenary curves comes in handy
To lead with
Like better bells in worse weather
We rescind pain to its lower quarters
Or thirds without assuage
In vacant pauses or hope’s insidious demise
Sharp jitters
Noisy spasms
And that final creak of defeat
No more articulating separation of pesky intervertebral discs to bother with
In that aching hum inside timber caissons
To trust in a steel web truss
Although a tempting falsework lends support to conniving notions
Outlandish in the habit of all ordinary hangers and anchors
Pitched devilishly parabolic to kept worries
Corrupt pillars bend towards untouchable sway
And salience uses gaffes for show
As a single eyebar fails the deadload
And we’re left to suffer the boxy heft of theoretical girders
Sunk with the pilings to the bedrock’s thump
So the menace of meanness can thrive
And dilute understanding with cantilevered satisfaction
In ardent squeaks almost like revolutionary whispers
Over water’s unquenched lure
Saddled we float in divisive bunches
Carrying extinguished torches for abstract fireworks displays
To the basement of our misgivings
Irreverent and moody
Swamped by intricacies of canals and processes
In the range of all gawking and squints and chambered echoes
Bellow that tune for the hobbled and distressed
Over glittering folds in sooty spangled strands
For the most common reason to cross
To bear the weight of it too
Because stretching’s just temporary
In the browbeaten spoiling of crueler sunrises to catch
Or miss the deliberately smudged chances of
Before the commercials catch you crying
Too late to pay the toll
And too early for the next explosion of all possibilities
Tread the I-beams lightly in the wake of glory’s suckered splendor

You are now free to misbehave as everyone else sees fit

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